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During my stay in HK I was living in 75 Electric Rd, Tin Hau. The flat was OK and fully furnished (including internet access, phone line, microwave, TV, DVD), albeit a little dark inside. It is conveniently located near the Tin Hau MTR station and only three stops away from my work place in Admiralty. Literally on the doorstep is Victoria Park, the largest public park on Hong Kong Island. This is where many HK people come to go swimming, jogging, skating, to play tennis, soccer or basketball or to practice Tai Chi. On Sundays, crowds of Filipinas take over the park for the day simply to enjoy each others company. And right next door to our appartment: Hong Kong's best coffee shop "Pumpernickel". At least that's the opinion of me and my former flatmate and we did our best to promote the place amongst our friends. By the way, Pumpernickel is the name of a German black bread variety.

However, the best thing about the flat- if you ask me- is its proximity to HK harbour. This is where many people still live on old and relatively small boats - not on the big and modern yachts you find in nearby HK Yacht Club. Forget Victoria Peak - this is the place to be - it's my favorite spot on HK Island! The only bad thing: I've never been there without the company of at least one rat and/or cockroach.

You can do most of your day-to-day shopping in the small shops along the street. There are quite a few butchers there which I - as a Vegetarian - of course did not like. The smell can become quite unbearable, especially on hot days. If you are looking for clothes and electronics the shopping streets of Causeway Bay are also within walking distance. You just have to cross the park and there you are. I tried to avoid that area, though. First of all, it's too crowded, second, I don't particularly like to go shopping anyway.

A room with a view. Well, that may be a standard in Germany but it's most certainly not one in Hong Kong. Many rooms here don't even have a window and if they do these offer superb views on a dirty inner courtyard. In this flat, both bedrooms have windows and below you can see the view. The rest of our rooms, however, did not have proper windows. On the right, my two flatmates: Clemens from Leipzig who stayed until the end of July and Sven from Siegen, who arrived in mid-August to stay for a total of 6 1/2 months.


For the bigger picture you can find a map below. If you look out for the maroon
arrow you can see where I live. For a glimpse at the interior of our apartment you
can visit the website of our landlady Scarlet. For more information on how to find an apartment click here.

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